Editing Services

I love to help creative people hone the articulation of their ideas.  Whether you're a business in need of a copywriter/editor or writing the next New York Times bestseller, I can help you craft copy that will invite people into your world and encourage them to stay, all while retaining your voice and vision.

Below is a sampling of the services I offer.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Use the contact form to reach out and I'll do my best to meet your need.  Pricing varies depending on the service and the needs of your individual project, though I do offer a flat rate for manuscript evaluations and beta reads.


Our initial conversation and a review of your materials to set the terms of the contract are complimentary. New copyediting clients can also "test drive" my services to see how we work together by sending me approximately 1000 words of their manuscript to edit free of charge.


Manuscript Evaluation


A manuscript evaluation can save you time and money by pointing you in the right direction to do your own developmental edit.  Think of it as story development lite.  I'll look at structure, plot, genre conventions, character development, point-of-view, logic, etc. in broad strokes.  Non-fiction is reviewed for organization and accessibility of information, logic, flow, depth of insight, clarity of thesis, etc. Price includes my review of your work, 5 pages of written notes, suggestions for next steps, and an hour-long phone consultation. Up to 75,000 words for $500


Mini Manuscript Evaluation


I'll review your manuscript for all of the elements above, provide one page of broad notes, and an hour-long phone consultation. Up to 75,000 words for $350


Story Development


We'll look at the overall structure of your story -- plot, character development, point-of-view, world creation, value shifts - in detail.  You'll receive a letter containing overall notes on your execution of essential fiction or non-fiction elements, as well as notes within your manuscript. Pricing is based on individual needs. Please contact me for a quote.


Line Editing / Copy Editing


Your story is in place but needs a polish.  I'll go through line by line to make sure the language flows; that each paragraph is where it should be; and that there are no glaring typos, grammar inconsistencies, or otherwise obnoxious roadblocks to the reader.  Depending on where your draft is, this could be heavy, medium or light work. Pricing is based on individual needs. Please contact me for a quote.



Businesses and Organizations

Language and storytelling are invaluable tools for selling your brand. To help you utlize these tools and create meaningful content and powerful messaging, I offer the following services:




Together we'll come up with the themes and messages you want to share with the world about who you are and what you have to offer and turn that into compelling copy that fits seamlessly into your digital and print collateral.  




I'll review and edit your website, print collateral, and/or blog to make sure that your ideas and services are communicated in the most effective way possible.  In addition to reviewing the copy, I'll analyze your materials for flow and organization and let you know if I discover any potential barriers to engagement.



Have a question about how I can help you?  Contact me below.

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